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Meet Mocha Dick. Purple-faced sailors with green hands. Serpentine seas in emerald, robin’s-egg blue, and roiling brown. Three-masted ships from England, the Netherlands, Russia, and America. And through it all a ghostly, leaping whale. This is not your typical children’s picture book. 

The illustrations are great!!

So, rant

Sometimes, my really good ideas go horribly wrong, and instead blow up in my face. This evening, I had dinner late, and was a little tired. I figured this was a good opportunity to do something relaxing and get to sleep uncharacteristically early. I decided on a hot bath and a cup of tea. It usually works fantastically well if I have any trouble sleeping.

I made my tea, filled the bath, and then spent 15 minutes noticing how the whole bathroom needs to be cleaned. So, it’s twenty after ten and I’m making a mental note of that and how there a couple dishes in the sink and a cooking pan from the late dinner. And I never swept the floor like I wanted to.

The M___-person is sleeping in the other room, otherwise, I’d clean now, so I’d sleep.

If there is one thing that doesn’t help me relax, it’s making lists of everything I need to do tomorrow (new work assignment/project begins tomorrow, too, so I’m in two hours early).

Ah, also write self-not-help books: The Anxiety-driven life. Scheisse. How to Make Lists, and Loose Sleep. The Power of Obsessive Thinking…

[sharing this, because, my consolation for the sleep I’m likely to lose tonight is that somebody will see themselves in these words, relate to it, and feel less alone and fucked up]

Look out for each other, out there in internet land.   

Glimmer Train Literary Journal Opens for Unsolicited Short Stories - Pays $700/story



Quarterly literary journal Glimmer Train (est. 1990) is now open for standard submissions of creative short stories. During this period, the journal does not charge a reading fee. Editors and founders Linda-Swanson Davies and Susan Burmeister-Brown encourage unsolicited stories from emerging writers. Part of Glimmer Train’s mission is to discover, publish and support underrepresented writers of extraordinary talent.

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Submissions are open for our Halloween Issue!


Have a particularly scary story you’ve been holding onto? A witty poem or a line drawing you want the world to see? Send it to Goreyesque by October 1st to be considered for our Halloween Issue.

After all, what’s more Gorey than Halloween?

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My rant about the music page:

So e’rybody’s aware. I’ve been making regular posts about upcoming shows and stuff I’m doing on my music page. But, since Facebook thinks a good business model is soaking independent artists to pay for people following pages to actually be able to see those posts, you probably haven’t been seeing my posts.

If you liked the page, go over and see what I’m up to. If you haven’t liked the page yet, you could do that. Then, even more people would not see the posts I make.

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i’m back! * - * still been at it every day, but took a few days to rest up because i really hit a wall with that dragon illustration thing. experienced the whole “omg i can’t do art what am i doing” 

but i exercised loads, met new people who are motivating and awesome, and feel super happy and pumped! 

let’s do this!

working on a new oil. first sitting, work in progress.

Hey kids!! Did you practice your arting today?

Joking aside: it’s important for every artist to practice as much as their other life commitments allow. Keep your skills sharp, keep learning and growing. Also, my sketches help me develop new ideas for what I’m selling and exhibiting.

Also, I give zero craps about showing the world my sketching. They are incomplete ideas and imperfectly executed, sure. There’s no artists whose every idea is gallery ready. Only the great works get finished and hung on the gallery wall. A lot of paper is expended along the way. That’s part of the process. Since I also teach, I feel like it’s important for people to know.  



"and nothing is the matter, for i never cry in town"
east village, nyc.
(Fuji X-Pro1)


"and nothing is the matter, for i never cry in town"

east village, nyc.

(Fuji X-Pro1)